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IPMS Patricia jan. 2022
If you are unhappy with your existing IPMS or concerned about its future, why not reach out to us today? We'd be happy to introduce you to our new 6.0 browser and share our technology roadmap for future developments.

Christmas Greetings dec. 2021
From the Patrix Family to you all, Happy Holidays and the very best for 2022

Von Seidels' Case Study nov. 2021
Erik van der Vyver, patent attorney and founding partner, explains how investment in digitalization enabled IP law firm Von Seidels to create a platform for growth into Africa – even through the pandemic.

Webinar Invite nov. 2021
Join us for our upcoming webinar Dec 15th, 2021. Only for non existing Patricia users.

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Patrix Webinar szept. 2021
If you are not a Patricia User yet, come join us on our upcoming webinar.

Why IP Management Systems are important szept. 2021
Look into this helpful document.

Become a certified partner for our IP management system Patricia™ aug. 2021
Become a certified partner for our IP management system Patricia™ in Japan, China, Australia, USA and Brazil!

Patrix Webinar for Industry 2021 júl. 2021
Join us on 14 July at 10am EDT/4pm CET to discover how the right IP management technology could help your company to align its IP and business and strategy, improve innovation capture and demonstrate IP value to internal stakeholders.

Patrix Webinar 2021 jún. 2021
Join us on 7 July at 10am EDT/4pm CET to discover how the right IP management technology could help your law firm to build efficiencies, reduce risk and optimize operations.

Patrix Newsletter Q2 2021 jún. 2021
Our Q2 Newsletter is now available!

How the pandemic impacted IP portfolio management jún. 2021
World events invariably have repercussions for corporate innovation priorities, brand messaging and, therefore, IP. But, the unexpected arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic had an effect like no other on all our day-to-day lives, as Karin Kärvling Søholt from Patrix IP Helpware explains.

BlackHills IP - Patrix Webinar 2021 márc. 2021
If you missed our latest webinar, find the recording here.

Patrix & BlackHills IP Webinar 2021 Feb 2021
Join us on Wednesday February 10, 2021 at 5PM CET/11AM ET for a complimentary webinar on Using Technology & Automation to Improve IP Operations, co-hosted by Patrix and Black Hills IP. Register through:

Happy Holidays dec. 2020
We wish you all the best for 2021. Happy Holidays!

Black Hills & Patrix nov. 2020
Black Hills and Patrix have teamed up to provide customers with tools that help automate IP operations and provide patent and prosecution analytics on their portfolios. Our approach applies technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI) and smart automation to traditionally manual IP processes for Docketing and Paralegal work.

Attention All Patricia Users! nov. 2020
We are looking forward to welcoming you to our virtual Patricia User Group 2020.

Patrix @ 2020 INTA Annual Meeting okt. 2020
Visit us at our Virtual Booth!

Enroll for our US Webinars! okt. 2020
If you are curious and want to find out more about Patricia do not miss this opportunity and register today!

Carina won! szept. 2020
We are happy and proud to announce that Carina Roth Schramm won the Founder of the Year award!