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Patricia is the name of our fully customizable IP Management Software, available both as a Client/Server and as a Web product or as a combination thereof.
Patricia was created by IP professionals for IP professionals. The software is flexible and can handle all case matters within an IP organization, including litigation.

Patricia is an enterprise wide solution that provides point-and-click access to case data and automatic tracking of relevant IP, i.e., laws/regulations, standard forms, time and cost registration, invoicing, document management including mail merge activities and batch processing.

Patricia is designed to handle your unique workflow process for all IP cases.



At Patrix, we have always prided ourselves on our high Professional Standards and the ability to deliver Quality Services. At Patrix IP Renewal Services, we listen to our clients’ needs and respond with energy, speed and agility. We use our skills and experience to provide the service our clients demand.

Our IP Renewal Services are set up according to our high level of technical solutions and the same high level of client service and demand for accuracy.

This is all accomplished by using the latest IP solutions and highest Professional Standards.

Talk to Patrix about IP renewal services.



Patrix Lunch & Learn toukokuuta 2022
No matter the size of your practice, we have a solution made for you! Welcome to find out more about us and our world class IP management software Patricia™ After the session we will invite you to a nice lunch!

Lunch & Learn with Patrix toukokuuta 2022
Lets have a nice lunch and discuss the best strategy for phasing in Patricia ™ Browser interface.

Job opening! huhtikuuta 2022
Patrix is looking for New Super Heroes to our Advisory Services Team!

Spring4Shell vulnerability (April 4 - 2022) huhtikuuta 2022
A framework used in Java, Spring Framework, has been identified with a zero day vulnerability (Spring4Shell) by the security community, (CVE-2022-22963, CVE-2022-22965). Patrix finding is that the vulnerability relates to a later version than what is used in Patricia and has no impact on the current version used. We are continuing to monitor the situation as it evolves and will provide updates / guidelines if necessary.