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Patricia is the name of our fully customizable IP Management Software, available both as a Client/Server and as a Web product or as a combination thereof.
Patricia was created by IP professionals for IP professionals. The software is flexible and can handle all case matters within an IP organization, including litigation.

Patricia is an enterprise wide solution that provides point-and-click access to case data and automatic tracking of relevant IP, i.e., laws/regulations, standard forms, time and cost registration, invoicing, document management including mail merge activities and batch processing.

Patricia is designed to handle your unique workflow process for all IP cases.



At Patrix, we have always prided ourselves on our high Professional Standards and the ability to deliver Quality Services. At Patrix IP Renewal Services, we listen to our clients’ needs and respond with energy, speed and agility. We use our skills and experience to provide the service our clients demand.

Our IP Renewal Services are set up according to our high level of technical solutions and the same high level of client service and demand for accuracy.

This is all accomplished by using the latest IP solutions and highest Professional Standards.

Talk to Patrix about IP renewal services.



Patrix Webinar for Industry 2021 jul 2021
Join us on 14 July at 10am EDT/4pm CET to discover how the right IP management technology could help your company to align its IP and business and strategy, improve innovation capture and demonstrate IP value to internal stakeholders.

Patrix Webinar 2021 jun 2021
Join us on 7 July at 10am EDT/4pm CET to discover how the right IP management technology could help your law firm to build efficiencies, reduce risk and optimize operations.

Patrix Newsletter Q2 2021 jun 2021
Our Q2 Newsletter is now available!

How the pandemic impacted IP portfolio management jun 2021
World events invariably have repercussions for corporate innovation priorities, brand messaging and, therefore, IP. But, the unexpected arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic had an effect like no other on all our day-to-day lives, as Karin Kärvling Søholt from Patrix IP Helpware explains.