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A cookie is a small text file containing text information that is stored on your computers hard drive. Our purpose in using cookies is to improve the use of our website for you. According to the law of electronic communication the visitor shall get information regarding the storage of cookies. Patrix stores two types of cookies:


A session in a web server context is a unique user session (or web browser session). When the user requests a page he or she will be given a unique session id by the web server. This id is stored in an in-memory cookie in the browser which means cookies must be enabled in the browser. This makes it possible for the server to identify a user when he is doing subsequent requests, remember user settings, whether he is logged in or not etc. A session cookie times out after a time span defined by the web server or the application (typically 20 minutes) or when the web browser is closed down.


A persistent cookie differs from the session cookie in the way that it can be saved on the visitor’s hard drive by the browser and thus remembering the user’s preferences over a longer period of time. The period is typically defined by the web application. Persistent cookies can be deactivated in the browser.


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