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IP Renewals: Technology, Trends and Trusted Partners May 2020
Join Black Hills IP & Patrix AB for a live Webinar. Tuesday May 14th. Sign Up Now!

Patrix IP Services Can Help you Reduce Your Portfolio Management Costs by subscribing to our IP Annuity and Renewal Services Mar 2020
In our latest case story CEO Russ Slifer explains how Black Hills IP is able to assist clients with their renewals strategies thanks to its proprietary technology and partnership with Patrix.

Patrix Releases Sophisticated Interactive Web Interface, Improved Design and Time Saving Functionality with Patricia 6.0. Feb 2020
Patrix is pleased to announce the launch of Patricia 6.0, the new and improved release of its leading IP management software. Developed to meet the needs of its more than 10,000 core client users, version 6.0 builds on existing capabilities to provide a modern interactive user interface, an improved design and time-saving functionality.

Take the Stress Out of Data Verification Nov 2019
Today’s IP management systems provide peace of mind that IP records are accurate and up to date.

Putting the Client First Oct 2019
Hugo T. Berkemeyer explains how Patricia® has helped Paraguay’s Berkemeyer Attorneys and Counselors to focus on its clients’ needs.

Are You Prepared for the Future of Automation? Oct 2019
Automation isn't about replacing people's jobs, it's about reducing risk and the heavy lifting associated with IP administration. Make sure your systems and workflows are prepared for 2020.

Why the Future of IP Management is Automation Sep 2019
The ability to transfer and verify data digitally is a game changer for the IP profession.

Managing Assets, Not Admin - WIPR Sep 2019
Francisco Bernardo Noriega of ABG explains how Patricia software helps his firm become a valuable partner.

Patrix and Black Hills IP Partner to Provide Full Docketing Automation in IP Management Software Sep 2019
Patrix AB today announced a new strategic partnership with Black Hills IP, a leader in IP docketing management for law firms and corporate legal departments.

Patrix & Aurora North Event Aug 2019
Unwind after a long day at the ALA IP Conference and explore the thriving DC craft beer scene with Patrix and Aurora North!

Patrix and Aurora North Partner to Deepen Integration of IP Management Software Aug 2019
Patrix AB today announced a new strategic partnership with Aurora North, a leader in delivering IP prosecution software, services and consulting for law firms.

Digital Document Management: No More Paper Files! Aug 2019
For modern IP departments and law firms to completely move away from paper files, they first need to be confident that documents and correspondence linked to each IP matter is correctly stored and easily accessible. Given the volume of documents, emails and letters that can be generated by a single case, this is easier said than done.

Putting IP Tech At The Core of Your Business Jul 2019
Why IP Management Software Patricia® was selected to support record management at Vivien Chan & Co, one of the premier full service law firms in Greater China.

Contact Us About a Patricia® Audit Jul 2019
Patrix IP Helpware is committed to helping ensure that you optimize your use of the Patricia® IP management tool. To make sure you’re making the most of the capabilities, why not schedule an audit?

Time to Schedule an IP Technology Audit? Jul 2019
Taking the time to audit your IP management software, and the ways in which you use it, could lead to time, budget and resourcing efficiencies down the line.

Has Your Firm Embraced Technology? Jun 2019
Law firms that aren’t able to provide clients with easy and secure access to their IP records risk being completely outpaced by the speed of change.

Get up to Speed: 5 Reasons to Embrace Automation May 2019
Advances in IP technology are enabling IP departments and law firms to put automation at the heart of their IP management practices.

The Importance of Automation May 2019
Technology is revolutionizing the ways in which organizations are managing and communicating data. Andrew Currier, co-founding partner of the innovative Canadian IP firm, Perry+Currier Inc, explains why cultural change is required at the top of an organisation if firms are to fully embrace the potential of automation.

Bringing IP Records Online: DIY or Off the Shelf? Apr 2019
Many IP firms are choosing to develop their own client portals, citing dissatisfaction with the solutions provided by many suppliers. While their reasons are understandable, any technology developed purely in-house does risk becoming outmoded over time. We compare the DIY and off-the-shelf approaches.

Getting a Head Start on Docketing Apr 2019
Many startup firms begin by docketing IP rights on spreadsheets or other such methods of data storage, until they reach a size when IP software becomes an urgent necessity. This wasn’t the case at specialist Swiss IP firm Wild Schnyder.