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Contact Us About a Patricia® Audit heinäkuuta 2019
Patrix IP Helpware is committed to helping ensure that you optimize your use of the Patricia® IP management tool. To make sure you’re making the most of the capabilities, why not schedule an audit?

Time to Schedule an IP Technology Audit? heinäkuuta 2019
Taking the time to audit your IP management software, and the ways in which you use it, could lead to time, budget and resourcing efficiencies down the line.

Has Your Firm Embraced Technology? kesäkuuta 2019
Law firms that aren’t able to provide clients with easy and secure access to their IP records risk being completely outpaced by the speed of change.

Get up to Speed: 5 Reasons to Embrace Automation toukokuuta 2019
Advances in IP technology are enabling IP departments and law firms to put automation at the heart of their IP management practices.

The Importance of Automation toukokuuta 2019
Technology is revolutionizing the ways in which organizations are managing and communicating data. Andrew Currier, co-founding partner of the innovative Canadian IP firm, Perry+Currier Inc, explains why cultural change is required at the top of an organisation if firms are to fully embrace the potential of automation.

Bringing IP Records Online: DIY or Off the Shelf? huhtikuuta 2019
Many IP firms are choosing to develop their own client portals, citing dissatisfaction with the solutions provided by many suppliers. While their reasons are understandable, any technology developed purely in-house does risk becoming outmoded over time. We compare the DIY and off-the-shelf approaches.

Getting a Head Start on Docketing huhtikuuta 2019
Many startup firms begin by docketing IP rights on spreadsheets or other such methods of data storage, until they reach a size when IP software becomes an urgent necessity. This wasn’t the case at specialist Swiss IP firm Wild Schnyder.

Preparing for the Future of IP Docketing maaliskuuta 2019
An efficient back office is crucial for the success of any IP department or law firm. In preparation for our March 26 networking lunch in Washington, DC on ‘The future of IP docketing: an in-house perspective’, we examine best practice in this rapidly evolving field.

Time for a Spring Clean? Six Priorities for the next Six Months maaliskuuta 2019
Keep on track with your 2019 priorities with our six-point guide for harnessing the potential of IP management technology for your business or law firm.

The Future of IP: An In-house Perspective tammikuuta 2019
Join an Exclusive Lunch & Learn Opportunity on Tuesday March 26 in Downtown Washington DC!

How to Improve Your IP Management System helmikuuta 2019
In previous articles, we set out advice for selecting and implementing the right IP management tool for your business. In this article, we look at techniques for improving existing systems.

Time for an IP Management Audit? helmikuuta 2019
It’s not too late to get IP portfolios and systems in shape for 2019. Here are five easy steps to get started.

Avoiding Bottlenecks tammikuuta 2019
Patrix IP Helpware’s IP management system Patricia allows clients to work more efficiently. Stephen Beney of Bereskin & Parr provides more details.

Building blocks for success marraskuuta 2018
Chris Vigars, Managing Director of Astrum, explains why he selected Patricia as the IP management software for his growing law firm.

How to Implement an IP Management System lokakuuta 2018
Implementing a sophisticated IP management system is a multifaceted project for organizations of any size. Prepare to succeed with our five-step guide.

How to Select an IP Management System lokakuuta 2018
Making the decision to upgrade your IP docketing system is only the first stage of the process. You also need to be sure to select the best solution for your business. Make the right choice with our five-step guide.

IP Technology lokakuuta 2018
4 reasons why it may be time to upgrade your IP management software

Know Your Data: Safety First syyskuuta 2018
You’ve safeguarded your assets legally through IP registrations, but how can you be sure that your data is secure from cyber-attack, hacking or corporate espionage?

Are you making the most of your assets ? syyskuuta 2018
Are you making the most of your assets ? 5 questions to ask about your IP management software

How to use data to supercharge your IP strategy ? syyskuuta 2018
How to use data to supercharge your IP strategy ?