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INTA GDPR Seminar Apr 2018
Join us for a free GDPR Seminar at INTA on May 25th with speakers Kristin Kjærheim Astrup of Zacco and Karin Hermansson of Patrix.

Meet Patricia® Aug 2017
Patrix IP Helpware may be coming to your city! This year we’ve made stops in Singapore, Beijing, and Hong Kong. Next up...Mexico City & Toronto!

Patricia User Group Meeting 2018 Aug 2017
You voted for Reykjavik, Iceland to gather, exchange, and learn in 2018. Mark your calendar April 15-17 for the 16th Annual Patricia® User Group Conference.

Patrix 2017 Release of Patricia 5.7 Dez 2016
The release of Patricia 5.7 and Patricia App 2.0 will be available at the end of January 2017.

Patrix IP Helpware: Avoiding Bottlenecks Mai 2016
Patrix IP Helpware’s docketing system Patricia allows clients to work more efficiently, including avoiding logjams of tasks that were once handled by one individual or department.

IPPro The Annual 2016 Jan 2016
An Interview with Hugo T. Berkemeyer of Berkemeyer Attorneys and Counselors on the Benefits of Patricia®.

WIPR June 2015 Patrix - Platform for Practice Management Mai 2015
Stephen Beney, a partner at Bereskin & Parr, speaks to Patrix about the advantages of using the Patricia system.

WIPR Annual 2014 - A Streamlined Service Jan 2014
IP software developed by Patrix enables a growing IP firm to manage its clients’ assets in the most efficient manner. Vivien Chan explains how her company benefits.

IPPro The Internet Annual 2014 - A Paperless Firm Jan 2014
We interviewed Andrew Currier, a co-founding partner of the innovative Canadian IP firm, Perry+Currier Inc, about its history, specialist areas and how Patrix and Patricia® may have aided its success.

WIPR Annual 2013 - Solving IP Challenges with Patricia® Jan 2013
Firm partner Lewis Gould describes the evaluation, procurement and implementation process of Patricia®

IP Management Software a Customer's Story Jan 2012
Selecting and implementing a sophisticated IP management system is a multifaceted project for an organisation of any size.

Are You Tech-Ready for the Upturn Jan 2012
Matt Powell and Mehrdad Assadi discuss the importance of optimising your practice software to help maximise the effect of any economic upturn.

Lewis F. Gould, Jr. on Patricia Dez 2010
Video Testimony with Lewis F. Gould, Jr.

IP Management Software a Customer's Story Feb 2010
Selecting and implementing a sophisticated intellectual property management system is a multifaceted project for organisations of any size

Finding Your Competitive Edge Aug 2009
Carina Roth Schramm explains how and when to go about upgrading IP support systems

Using Patricia at Wild Schnyder AG Mär 2009
As long term Patricia users, we thought it would be interesting to interview Donald Schnyder of Wild Schnyder AG, Switzerland

The Future Is Bright Aug 2008
Matt Powell and Mehrdad Assadi of Patrix discuss the importance of optimising the use of available technology.