Patricia is the name of our fully customizable IP Management Software, available both as a Client/Server and as a Web product – or as a combination thereof. Patricia was created by IP professionals for IP professionals. The software is flexible and can handle all case matters within an IP organization, including litigation. Patricia is an enterprise wide solution that provides point-and-click access to case data and automatic tracking of relevant IP, i.e., laws/regulations, standard forms, time and cost registration, invoicing, document management including mail merge activities and batch processing. Patricia is designed to handle your unique Work Flow process for all IP cases. Within Patricia we have combined the best of two worlds, the traditional client server environment and the web environment. Patricia will connect both to the same database, making it possible for you to choose: Client/Server, Web or a combination of both. Depending on the needs of the end user, choose Client/Server for heavy internal administration, or Web for all travelling attorneys or external users such as clients or marketing departments, inventors etc. The choice is yours!

The possibility to combine the Client/Server and Web is unique for Patricia and for Patrix, not found anywhere else in the industry.

Benefits of working with Patricia®
ο Direct access to case data with a flexible work-flow based tool
ο The ability to share information and assign tasks to staff
ο Extensive automatic Country & Law File, including updates
ο Fast, efficient and accurate invoicing based on time and cost registration as well as service charges
ο Document creation, storing, tracking and viewing
ο Flexible report tool to meet individual needs
ο Cost Estimation; reporting and predicting costs for new or existing cases and case families
ο Increasing client satisfaction and demands with tools to improve communication
ο Direct data exchanges to and from Patricia and other systems
ο E-filing functionality

Patricia® will help to ensure the entire organization is able to achieve its desired goals.

We know that today’s IP professional needs:

ο Improved profitability and docketing quality
ο Increased client retention and growth with existing staff
ο Increased efficiency by automating repetitive daily tasks
ο Improved communication & task management within the organization
ο Open architecture for the future